Library Video

Clips from movies and shows featuring libraries. The Golden Girls and Wings of Desire in the same video…awesome!


I want a Center for Science and the Imagination in New York!

I want a Center for Science and the Imagination in New York!

Brooklyn Book Festival 2012

Brooklyn Book Festival 2012

I had an awesome time at the festival. There were so many wonderful vendors and events, but most importantly I got a Thoreau novel-t shirt.

School Attack

Director of American School in Tunis Recounts Day of Looting and Vandalism

“The elementary school’s library, which contained 10,000 books, was burnt down. Classrooms had been stripped of anything valuable, LCD projectors smashed, two minibuses torched, and 300 computers – most of which were brand new MacBook Pros – all stolen.”

Educational Apps

Educational Apps

Heard a great presentation at our NYCIST meeting about the Explain Everything app and am very excited to share it with teachers. I’ve just begun using the Socrative app and am going to test it out with my 7th graders tomorrow. We’ve also begun using Subtext at school, which has also been very interesting. Also, at the meeting today was a really neat microscope tool from Proscope that you can use with the AirMicroPad app. Definitely going to show this to the science teachers.

Junot Díaz and Comics

Just added RASL to my ridiculously long list of books to read.

Educator Night at Word

Word is absolutely my favorite bookstore and they constantly have awesome events. On October 10, they are having an Educator Night for teachers’ librarians, and educators. There is going to be a sneak… Continue reading

Global Read Aloud

I’m really excited to have my 6th graders take part in Global Read Aloud 2012. Today we began talking about ideas we might use to connect to other schools and read the very… Continue reading

Hobart Book Village

Over the weekend, we took an unexpected trip to Hobart Book Village. A tiny town in upstate New York, Hobart has five independent bookstores, as well as twenty others in the surrounding area.… Continue reading

Course Builder

I’m really excited about this news from Google about an open source course builder that is like the one that was used in the Power Searching with Google course. I am in the… Continue reading