The Database Disconnect

This morning, I was instructing a 9th grade class on library resources and pointing out the benefits of using databases, as well as using noodle tools for citations. I explained how one thing that’s really nice about databases is that generally all of the citation information is very clear and so you can tell who wrote the article and where it came from, as opposed to a website where you might not be able to find that information, which means you don’t know where the information is coming from. To my horror, the teacher (who I respect a lot) said to them “Well, we’ll just make something up if that happens.” It then reminded me of two weeks ago when I was at a conference, during which a technology director explained Noodle Tools as being a tool where you put in the name of a book and it creates a pathfinder for you. It’s upsetting that there’s such a disconnect between the amazing resources available to students and the lack of understanding that teachers have of them. However, I guess that means that as a school librarian, I just need to make sure that I work hard to promote those materials to faculty in a meaningful way.