After a long break…David Levithan!

14 months later, I’m here to attempt to start blogging again. I don’t know why I’m so bad at it, but we’ll just go from there. I’ve reading so many great books I’ve just started a new job, so hopefully there will be a lot to say.

Last night I went to a fantastic event at Word – YA Night with David Levithan, Mariah Fredericks, Adele Griffin, and Deborah Heiligman. It was kind of perfect because I started reading Every Day on Saturday night, found out about the event Sunday, and finished the book moments before they began to speak. The book, by the way, is absolutely stunning and I definitely recommend reading it. All the authors were great and I was really excited to see Deborah Heiligman, whose book Charles and Emma a few years ago was one of my favorites.