Daytripper (spoilers in white)

While browsing at Desert Island Comics last week, the book Daytripper caught my eye, but unfortunately I’m a genius and had gone into the store with absolutely no money in my pockets. I was intrigued though and so a few days later went back to get it and am really glad I did. Written by Brazillian twin brothers, Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá, Daytripper is a fascinating and beautifully written story about life, death, and all of the possibilities of one’s existence. Jumping back and forth through time, we learn of who obituary writer Brás de Oliva Domingos is by seeing him on the most important days of his life. (Highlight for a bit more of an explanation that contains spoilers):  Originally published as ten comics, each episode tells of a moment in Brás’s life when everything seems to be coming together, his life finally beginning, at which point he dies. It’s an amazingly well crafted story with episodes from his later years like those featuring his son being so much more haunting after reading the one where he died at his son’s birth, having never met him. Then going back to when he was young again with so much hope and being killed before he could even dream of a life like that.It’s just amazing. I can’t stop thinking about it and definitely want to read more by these brothers.