NYPL – Children’s Literary Salon

Today’s Children’s Literary Salon, hosted by Betsy Bird at NYPL, was on ebooks for kids with panelists from namelos, Sesame Workshop, and WingedChariot.  The discussion started with them addressing the idea that ebooks are going to destroy books.  Stephen Roxburgh, of namelos, spoke very well on the subject, saying it was an irrational fear. He also said that it should not be a debate of print books vs ebooks, but rather a new definition of what a story is.  Right now ebooks are simply mimicking and translating the traditional book format (ie pages turning), but they spoke of the eventual change of the medium entirely. There were also a lot of interesting points made about the educational value and the creative possibilities that are out there. When asked what he thought would stay the same in ebooks of the future, Roxburgh said, “Words and pictures will stay the same and everything else is up for grabs.”