I.N.K. – Interesting Nonfiction for Kids

INK  is a group of nonfiction authors who are committed to promoting what they do as researchers/writers and sharing how their work can be used in the classroom.  The INK blog is really great and always has interesting posts by people like Deborah Helligman (I love, love, love Charles & Emma), Vicki Cobb, and Steve Jenkins.  There is also the INK Think Tank, which is a database where you can search for nonfiction books that are linked to curriculum standards. This month they have launched INK Link, which allows you to set up video conferences with award winning nonfiction authors either for a classroom visit, assembly, or professional development sessions.  There are also fantastic resources on the site and the blog.  Since I was young, my favorite books have always been nonfiction and I think this site is really helpful in coming up with ways to integrate them in the classroom and to find new titles.